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Each week on “Caring About Seniors,” our hosts sit down with those who are hard at work in the community, making sure our elders are properly cared for. This week, Melanie Stieglitz and Adrienne Houghton speak with Dr. Robert Mannel from Memory Treatment Centers of Jacksonville.

Memory Treatment Centers of Jacksonville’s neurology and memory treatment clinics are dedicated to providing high quality, revolutionary care in a compassionate manner.They specialize in treating a spectrum of neurologic disorders including Dementia. Memory Treatment Centers of Jacksonville focuses on the latest treatments for neurologic disorders as well as tried and true practices to provide maximum benefit to our patients. Their attention to efficiency is to reduce stress as well as minimize wait time.

Memory Treatment Centers of Jacksonville’s mission is to provide thorough and compassionate care for their patients who are dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related memory and neurologic conditions. “At Memory Treatment Centers, our goal is to help our patients stay healthy and as happy as possible through specialized, professional and progressive health care.”

To learn more, visit https://memorytreatmentcenters.com.

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