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Each week on “Caring for Seniors,” our hosts sit down with those who are hard at work in the community, making sure our elders are properly cared for. This week, David Stieglitz and Adrienne Houghton talk to Heather Jackson from Jackson Personal Financial Services.

Daily Money Managers (DMMs) deliver essential financial services to a wide variety of clients including seniors, adult children of older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals, high net worth individuals, small businesses and others. DMMs bring clarity and order to an individual’s daily management of personal bills, budgets and record keeping.

To learn more, visit https://www.jacksonpersonalfinancialservices.com.

What makes your company unique?: Heather earned a Finance Degree from the University of Georgia and worked as a Private Banker and Commercial Banker for 13 years at financial Institutions in Atlanta, Georgia and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida. She has worked in the medical community for the past 15 years, giving her a unique insight of the challenges many people face from health to finances. Over the past 25 years of financial and medical experience, Heather has developed an extensive local network of highly regarded professionals of accountants, attorneys, medical providers, financial advisors, and other respected service providers available to assist in working toward client solutions.

How is your business handling the COVID situation?: Covid-19 guidelines

What advice would you give to someone just getting their start in the industry?: Build a strong team of resources to provide services to your clients. Build trust in the community and always work for the best interest of the client.

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