“Caring for Seniors” with Al Roberts from Health to Heal

Each week on “Caring for Seniors,” our hosts sit down with those who are hard at work in the community, making sure our elders are properly cared for. This week, David Stieglitz and Adrienne Houghton talk to Al Roberts from Health to Heal.

Health to Heal is an outreach program for geriatric protein intake for normal intake and for wound healing. Also protein intake for all ages for wound healing.

To learn more, visit https://healthtoheal.org.

Give a brief description on what you would like to discuss on the show.: A largely unknown phenomenon in the geriatric population of loosing their appetite and desire to eat. I plan to research this further in my career at some point to introduce a new syndrome for this population, Geriatric Insensible Starvation.

What makes your company unique?: Wound care and Geriatric nutritional requirements are largely unknown in the medical field and are an area of medicine that is not part of physician nor nursing primary education. This is the focus of my program.

How did you get your start in the industry?: I fell into wound care in 2008 and saw a problem and I am still pursuing it.

How is your business handling the COVID situation?: Because it is online and my business is still a baby, it hasn’t effected us really.

What advice would you give to someone just getting their start in the industry?: Read research, ask questions, and never be ok with not understanding a problem.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?: Facebook has been a big driver form the start. I am slowly getting to more clinicians through offering free education to area home health agencies.